Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It started with, admittedly, boredom. I would go to every one of Megan's volleyball games, and I would go early, usually because I was driving the team to an away game. That often meant at least an hour to kill before the game would start. I would sew, or read, or even work. But then one day I was playing with the camera, and thought, why not take a picture of my shoe. I really like this picture, always have.

Then there was another time, I was struggling with this quilt. Pixie Stix has a whole story around it, but we'll save that for another time. I kept moving the blocks around, taking pictures, moving them around some more, and finally I just got bored and tired, but oh, I can take a picture of my favorite snow leopard slippers!

(Where are those slippers? Megan, do you have these slippers?)

Then one day there was a shoe sale at Anthropologie. I would be a richer woman, were it not for Anthropologie. Come to think of it, it was Holly that first told me about Anthropologie, which brings me full circle to Pixie Stix, but that's another story.

So when these, two of the most incredible pairs of shoes, arrived from Anthropologie, I had to take pictures.

When I wear these red, white and blue shoes, I am happy. People go nuts over these shoes. Perfect strangers want to talk to me about my shoes. Those who don't talk to me stare at my shoes with envy.

Here is the latest score from Anthro, are these awesome or what??

So now I find whenever I'm sitting around, with shoes on, and a camera in my hand, something tells me to take a picture of my shoes.

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