Thursday, October 23, 2008

More on Fall Colors

I didn't always live in Northern California, so I know more about fall colors than one might think. Earth tones aren't my favorite, I prefer brights, reds, vibrant colors, but it's nice to break away from the bright and work with nature's more subdued palette sometimes.

This is a Shadow Boxes quilt I created for Maywood fabrics a number of years ago, but it seems quite appropriate to revisit it in light of the season.

Gladiola Shadow Boxes, Diane Weber, 48" x 48"

Gladiolas in wonderful pinkish beiges and browns sit against a chocolate brown background, highlighted by dark pine greens. I love the lines, scale variations, and contrast of stripes against the organic shapes in this quilt.

This is such a versatile quilt pattern... you can arrange the large-scale fabrics vertically, like I did with the gladiolas above, or horizontally, as shown on the cover below, and you can also zig-zag the diagonal.

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