Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hanafubuki, the Flower Storm Quilt

I'm surprised I've never written about my Hanafubuki quilt before, since this is one of my favorite quilts. Maybe it's because of all the new ACEOs, the travel, the new hobbies (like I needed a new hobby) of mosaics and revival of knitting and crochet (more on this soon).

Hanafubuki is the Japanese work for 'flower storm'. Picture standing under a cherry blossom tree when the winds start to blow. I've been catching up on Heroes Season 2 and there are several scenes like this when Hiro is in 1671 Japan with Yaeko, which reminded me that I should write about my Hanafubuki quilt.

Hanafubuki grew out of Panel Panache. Panel Panache has been a great quilt pattern for me, but it needed a facelift. Panel Panache also lacked scale variation, and so with the wrong fabrics, it could look flat (it's my design, so I can say this).

This is the 2nd and probably the last Hanafubuki art quilt I will make. It is made with vintage yukata fabric as well as contemporary Japanese style fabrics. It is loaded with flowers, mostly cherry blossoms.

Hanafubuki II, Diane Weber, 60" x 72"

Of course there is a quilt pattern for this quilt, which shows the first and original quilt on the cover, made with the beautiful Kona Bay Emperor's Collection fabric.

Hanafubuki Asian Oriental Japanese Quilt Pattern, Diane Weber

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