Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cedric Goes Hiking

Cedric hasn't been hiking since France and Switzerland, and he misses all the gnomish pals he met in the Alps. It's like that song...'how ya gonna keep em down on the farm, now that they've seen Parieee...'

Well, it's all a matter of finding the best of where you're at.

So here's Cedric at the top of Red Lake Peak (really should have taken a photo before we climbed up the 1000 feet or so it took to get to the very steep top! Couldn't have done it without my new Swiss Alpine trekking sticks!).

And here is looking North...that's Lake Tahoe in the distance. You can actually hike from Kirkwood to Lake Tahoe on the Pacific Crest Trail. We won't be doing that today.

It seems standing on a rock is his favorite photo op. Here's a similar picture from Mt D'Arbois above the village of Megeve in France.

So, how about a little compare and contrast between Megeve and Kirkwood.

The sky is just as blue, the rocks have interesting lichen on them, the peaks in the distance have a similar profile. Biggest difference...the effect of the rain! It rains in France, thus it is gloriously green. The landscape around Kirkwood is desperately dry, longing for the first good rains and the snows soon to follow. Here's hoping for a good snow season, and then maybe we'll revisit Cedric when he goes skiing.

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  1. I love reading blog! You have taken me to so many new places and inspired me? Thanks for sharing! Jenna Louise