Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Call a Spade a Spade...more on the ACEO Deck

Here is another reveal of the fabulous artwork in the first ever 1st Edition ACEO Playing Card Deck.

Here are the Spades cards. I don't know every artist personally, but the Ace of Frida is from Kelly of kellyscolorstudio, the 2 is from lala Laura, the very appropriate 5 spades from Starr of starrgirlblue. The awesome Jack is originally a paper sculpture from the talented papermatthew. Look carefully at the Queen to see all the beautiful spade imagery. The Joker shown here, also known as 'the other Joker' (that is, other than MY joker) is from bone*diva, the artist who created ACEOs on eBay.

I look forward to getting to better know the other artists who have contributed to the spades.

Stay tuned for more suits from the ACEO Playing Card Deck.

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