Monday, September 29, 2008

Quilt Tour (continued)

We haven't been on our quilt tour for a while! There has been so much to share about travel, new quilt and ACEO creations, decks of ACEO Artist Trading cards!
But we are only half way down the hall, so let's pick up toward the end of the hallway leading to the front door.

These are a set of three different folded flowers quilts based on the work of Kumiko Sudo.

This first is a simple fuchsia, hand appliqued with some simple sashiko. It's quite a little quilt, just 15" wide x 14" tall..

This second one, also from my 'purple period' is a grape hyacinth, also hand appliqued and with hand sashiko, another small quilt at 19" wide.

This final one represents one of my favorite plants, and by far my favorite weed, morning glory. The first time I ever examined a morning glory, I thought there were two intertangled plants, because the buds were pink but the flowers were bluish purple. Then I learned that this is part of the beauty of the morning glory. This little quilt is 18" wide.

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