Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Room with a View...and Green Eggs & Ham

Back in May, I wrote about a room with a view. That was about the lovely view from the condo in Ocean City MD.

About 4 months later and 4000 miles away, in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland, the landlocked view from our hotel room is very different.

Now about green eggs and ham.

Well, in Switzerland, it is more about orange eggs and beef :-)

A bowl of beautifully colored eggs awaits us at breakfast each day. Another American tourist, as puzzled about this as myself, asked the manager, "Why do you color the eggs like that?". The manager's equally puzzled reply, "How else would you know that the eggs are hard-boiled?"

And then there is the beef... well, let's hope it's more about milk and cheese than beef, because these are my new best friends :-)

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  1. Diane, I am really enjoying traveling with you through your blog! I also look forward to when you get back an begin blogging about your amazing art!

    I have nominated you for a blog award! You deserve it as I visit your blog often!!! :-)

    When you can, come and see and then you can nominate your own favorite blogs!