Saturday, August 16, 2008

Journey to a New Hobby

How did this get started??

Well, there was this store group, and they opened up their membership, and I snuck in, and learned a lot about running an eBay store. And there was this nice woman named Martha, and she sells this beautiful china with writing on it, which I wanted, but I don't need any more china.

But she mentions that mosaic artists are buying her china and breaking it up. Hmmm, I have always admired broken china jewelry and mosaics. So I ask her if she has any broken china, and of course she does.

Next, bunches of books on mosaics from the San Francisco library. I need tile nippers. I need more tiles to fill in between the china. So I search on eBay and of course I find tons, but one particular store catches my eye over and over. So I buy a bunch of stained glass tiles.

"Come and join the mosaic artist group", says Melanie. And so I do.

Then there are multiple trips to the hardware store for adhesive or mortar, a surface, what about grout??

Look what I found at the Goodwill store! Perfect!

Designing... the fun part! Oh, the beautiful glass rose in the center was a gift from sweet Megan, bought at Mendels Far Out Fabrics (only in San Francisco!).

Gluing, what a mess...good thing I didn't get a manicure this week.

Got it all glued! Bad picture, but I think it looks kinda cool blurry.

OK, top is all glued, just have to finish the sides.

All in a day's work! Next step, another trip to Home Depot for grout!

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  1. Hi Diane! It's been a crazy summer! I love the table, beautiful! I also love the wildlife cards! It's great to be back into a routine and have life slow down some. Love your blog! Jenna Louise