Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More on an ACEO Deck...

This ACEO Deck project all started with my crazy idea to create a full deck of my own.

As I am not sure when this project will be finished, I thought I should start showing the work in progress.

I am using prints of the first 54 ACEOs I made and sold on eBay. I had the prints professionally created and they're beautiful!
But even on good quality photo paper, I found them to be a little thin. Yes, I could place them all in sturdy top loaders, but somehow that didn't seem enough. So I thought I would mount them on good quality art paper, then do something on the back to represent the cards in a deck.
Well, deciding on the 'something on the back' took months of thinking and experimenting.
Megan to the rescue as usual.

"You must do something that is you... something with fabric." Why didn't I think of that??

And so, on the back, or front if you prefer, of each of the prints is a little textile creation. Nothing fancy, else the time and cost would become prohibitive, but something "me".
Here's a look at the first, the Ace of Diamonds. I may add some inking details. The base fabric is the same one I used to back the original card, and the diamond is from the gray fairy frost which made the gates.

And here is the print on the other side, my "Gates of Candyland":

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