Friday, June 20, 2008

June Nibblefest

It's Nibblefest time again!
This month was a hard theme... "In the Mist".
I keep forgetting that only one entry is allowed, and I made 3, so I decided it would be a triptych of two ACEOs and a postcard piece.
Each piece starts with a carefully selected section of a batik fabric, covered in glitter tulle for a misty effect, then thread painted, mostly with metallic thread.

Into the Mist I , an ACEO, which I inadvertently signed upside down :-(
This one is called "Cool Mist".

Into the Mist II, an ACEO
I call this one "When the Fires are Burning"; not the most positive subject, but the reality of numerous fires burning throughout California has definitely influenced my daily life.
As smoke drifts through the state, sunrises and sunsets are colored an eerie orange.

Into the Mist III, postcard 4x6
This one is called "Coastal Mist".

And here's how they all look together as a triptych.

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  1. you are so so talented!! i love your aceos!!