Friday, June 6, 2008

Jokers are Wild!

I am participating in a group project with 53 other ACEO artists to create a deck of playing cards from our ACEO art. These decks are being printed by a professional card-maker.

Long story... I wanted to make a deck, we starting talking about it, next thing you know we have an avalanche of enthusiasm, we have to sign up to participate... on Mother's Day. Well, I couldn't make it to the sign up because I was in San Francisco with my Bubbie. S0 I resigned myself to hoping there would be another deck, when, to my great surprise, the contest committee offered me a joker since it was all my idea to begin with. Needless to say I was touched and honored... and excited to be a part of it all!

This artist card went together surprisingly easily. I studied some images, thought about what I wanted to do, made some sketches, had Megan take a look (make that nose smaller, she said), made some more sketches, then started pulling out fabrics.

Each part of the sketch has to be made into a closed shape from fabric, on fusible webbing so I can stick it all in place. When I tried to cut out the spade shaped nose, I just couldn't cut that small, so I got out my card deck stamps! Six tries later and it's almost straight!

After fusing it all in place, some outline stitching, ink highlights, a satin stitched edge, some strategically placed swarovski crystals and voila!

my Joker ACEO:

Since only the front will be seen on the deck, I didn't fuss much with the back,
but did use one of my favorite typography fabrics.

I haven't yet decided when and if to sell this...
probably will wait until after the decks are done.

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