Friday, June 13, 2008

Gnome Gnews

I am the proud new owner of a gnome treasure box! Created by talented artist Linda Wicker, known as justbelieve*artworks, it is painted pyrography.
I have lots of pics to share, the first set provided courtesy of Linda with her permission.

And here are a few of the box in its new home, being welcomed by the gang.
Mo, Larry and Curly are excited to see what's inside.

They climb inside to investigate while Wimwalter looks on enviously.

Shroombob GrayPants joins the scene.

1 comment:

  1. Wimwalter? LOL - I love it. All the names.
    Just found your gnomes and the box you bought from Linda. It was YOU who liked my elf/fairy/whatever poem(s). Seems like ages ago. Time is fleeting!
    I love all your artwork, so creative and memorable - including the ones I got outbid on! I own several pieces, including the little doll with multiple costumes.
    I'll be back. I haven't been on the aceo site much recently, I'm glad to have found you again.