Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sometimes, when people hear that I've migrated from the East Coast to California (more than 20 years ago...), they ask,
"Don't you miss the seasons?"

Well, we were lucky enough to not miss The Swell Season at the Paramount Theater last night, a birthday present for my now 20-year-old native-California darling girl. I cannot say enough about this wonderful band and what a fantastic performance they gave.

And then there are quilted seasons. My Haiku asian quilt pattern gives the opportunity to express the seasons in a quilt, using fabric.

This Haiku quilt and runner are all about the 'holiday' season.

Holiday Haiku, Diane Weber, 42" x 42" (SOLD)

Holiday Haiku Runner, Diane Weber, 42" x 15" (SOLD)

So there are plenty of seasons here in Northern California,
where spring is quickly turning to summer.

Monster Wisteria, Back Yard, April 2008

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  1. Thanks for posting the Asian designs you have been working on. I am working on developing a line of Asian Quilt Patterns and am always inspired by what others are doing.